Why is the origin of Green Caviar Seaweeds so important?

     When we talk about the importance of origin in respect to green caviar, we have to look at two main points that most people might be unaware of:

   1. When the Department of Fisheries conducted research on using green caviar to reduce pollution in shrimp ponds, those ponds did not have any standard filtration systems which allowed waste to be disposed of properly, damaging the coral reefs and local marine ecosystem. Shrimp ponds tend to lack proper waste drainage and overuse of chemicals, which cause a lot of pollution. Research pointed in a positive direction, as green caviar improved the profits of shrimp farming because they produce clean water – when the polluted water from shrimp ponds were poured into green caviar ponds, the water became clean and could be instantly filtered back into the shrimp pond with no lingering damage to the green caviar, which grew normally. When shrimp returned to the pond, the water became polluted again, but could be filtered with the clean water from green caviar with ease. Of course, the question is: “Are those green caviar safe to consume?” or “If consumers are aware of the cultivation process as described, will they be able to trust in the chemical usage on green caviar seaweeds?”

pull the waste water from the shrimp pond
bring a water from the shrimp pond to the green caviar seaweeds pond
contaminated ?????

    2.Greed drives producers to cut corners. Green Caviar Seaweeds require nutrients during growth. Some farms use chemicals such as urea fertilizer to treat their products, and naturally they form large, strong fruits. However, it becomes difficult to avoid any lingering chemicals in the finished product, which falls to the consumer. Some farms use manure, which leaves a strong smell which can induce nausea. Some use formalin, which drastically improves shelf life but decreases quality. Consumers become unaware of any chemicals used, and receive more toxic drawbacks than benefits.


Boonthida Farm’s philosophy is not to produce green caviar seaweeds that profits at the consumers’ expense, and we stand firm on this ideology. We put our best efforts into cultivating green caviar seaweeds organically and naturally, free from chemicals in any stage of production. We are approved by the Department of Fisheries as a ‘Fully Organic Farm’, because we must be confident in our ability to produce organic green caviar seaweeds, which in turn builds trust between us and our customers. Consumers know that they are receiving the best possible product, and it will not cause any harm. We do not wish to play life or death, and we strive to produce healthy green caviar seaweeds rather than profits. This naturally leads to higher costs, and our product may seem more expensive to middlemen, but does not affect the price which consumers pay.