Bottled Green Caviar Seaweeds

Bottled Green Caviar Seaweeds

    Based on the issues discussed in “Problems with Fresh Green Caviar Seaweeds”, we have strived to solve those problems for over a year and a half, with the help of four leading academic institutes across Thailand. Our research met every condition that we required, as of the time of writing, we are awaiting further analytic results from the Central Lab regarding potential toxicity and bacteria in our bottles. Our 12-month-old bottles are approved by Central Lab as safe and bacteria-free, and we await results for 9 and 12-month-old samples. Furthermore, the color and freshness of the green caviar seaweeds meets our standards once opened for consumption! Let us take a look at how these bottles have answered the demands of the market.

1.Bottled green caviar seaweeds have a shelf life of no less than 12 months after the manufacturing date.

2.Bottled green caviar seaweeds resolve the issue of having a consistent supply chain to the market, whether it be regular consumers, restaurants or wholesalers who will now be able to have green caviar seaweeds year-round.

3.Restaurants can reduce the cost of ingredients with a zero-waste policy, as bottled green caviar seaweeds have a net content of 100 grams per bottle, and chefs can open and use them as needed. If there are any leftover green caviar seaweeds, they can simply be refrigerated for later use.

4.We have attempted to bring “fresh green caviar seaweeds” to supermarket shelves, but we mostly have had to recall our products due to the cold storage conditions that leave the green caviar seaweeds looking unappetizing and withered. Bottled green caviar seaweeds can be kept in any conditions, and even in refrigerators and freezers. The green caviar seaweeds themselves will not be frozen and can be returned to freshness. Heat has little effect on green caviar seaweeds too, which can be useful in the hot environment of a kitchen.

5.Bottled green caviar seaweeds can be shipped via mail to consumers while retaining their advertised net weight, with no water leakage. Customers can be confident that they will receive what they ordered because bottled green caviar seaweeds prevent the green caviar seaweeds from shedding water during transit.

6.Wholesalers and online merchants will be able to control how and when they receive and sell their products, as they are able to stock products for longer while reducing the pressure of having to push their fresh products which do not have a long shelf life.

7.Our green caviar seaweeds undergo an intensive cleaning process for over 12 hours, via skimming – this eliminates any dust, grime or other undesirable materials from the green caviar seaweeds before taking them through our sterile bottling process. The green caviar seaweeds thus have no fishy smell or other unpleasant smells.

8.We can respond to the needs of our consumers, and we are able to deliver our products year-round in accordance with any supply agreements – no “fresh” farm is able to do this.

9.We have been licensed by the FDA,  serial number 76-2-03361-6-0001, on the 18th of December, 2018. With this endorsement, we are confident that our products are of great quality, and can respond to the market flexibly.

10.Bottled green caviar seaweeds can be exported internationally, while fresh green caviar seaweeds farmers have yet to do so due to their fragility. At present, we are in the process of talking with importers in Singapore, China, South Korea, India, and Brunei.