Hotel & Accommodation

We are the first and only hotel in Amphoe Ban Laem to be fully licensed in accordance with the new regulations. Boonthida Farm has a total area of 43 rai, with 17 rai being allocated to the hotel and the other 26 rai being the cultivation ponds. Our hotel contains 20 rooms, with 12 single rooms and 8 rooms containing 4 beds. We are able to accommodate 56 people at a time, and we also have on-site accommodation ready to receive 32 people.

We can separate it into 2 forms of Accommodation

-Accommodation on the farm: this is for visitors or partners who wish to study more about sea grapes, for example, students in a group, etc.

-Accommodation in the hotel: this is for visitors who wish to spend the night at a prime location during their vacation, with many activities nearby.

1.Single-bed rooms can accommodate 1-2 people.

2.4-bed rooms can accommodate 3-4 people.

Accommodation in the farm

Guest rooms

The guest room can be used as a working area or a resting area.

Our guest room is ideal for work-related visitors who wish to learn more about our sea grapes. It is specially designed with miniature amenities, and we are able to provide service to visitors on the farm.

Hotel Accommodations

Reception counter

Single-bed rooms

Our single-bed rooms are for visitors and tourists who desire privacy, equipped with various stylish amenities and iconic decorations that will leave an impression. This is an ideal resting place for you to truly relax. We have 12 single-bed rooms.

4-bed rooms

Our 4-bed rooms are equipped with lavish, hand-picked furniture and complete with convenient amenities that allow you to relax and enjoy your stay at our hotel. Perfect for group stays and when you need to stretch out and relax. 

En-suite toilets