Bamboo Hanging Cultivation

    This method is a mixture of the concrete pond method, which uses PVC pipes to ground the green caviar seaweeds, together with bamboo fence both above and below, preventing the green caviar seaweeds from moving while allowing them to grow in close proximity of each other. This means they are raised in ponds naturally instead of in concrete ponds, where conditions such as salinity, nutrients, light, and temperature cannot be totally controlled. However, the production cost is much lower than the Japanese method, as the concrete ponds are quite expensive.

    If the market costs of the green caviar seaweeds were similar to Japan, the concrete ponds would be much more desirable, but with the prices in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, the production cost of concrete ponds could be less profitable due to lower market prices. This method is slightly inconvenient as it is unwieldy, and it requires an area close to the sea for seawater filtration.

    Regardless, this method is beneficial in that daily production. It is more predictable, and can be scheduled around, which is different from the green caviar seaweeds being thrown into the pond. It has a high cost comparing to Pond Cultivation method, it requires workers to look after them closely and carefully. The green caviar seaweeds are prone to dust sticking to the skin, and if there is no regular cleaning, the dust in the pond will continue to pool and grow thicker, preventing sunlight from reaching the green caviar seaweeds through the water, or even causing damage that could lead to death of seaweeds.

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-It is possible to schedule production reliably and consistently.

-It is easy to cultivate and harvest depending on consumer demand.

-Uses fewer nutrients from the soil, meaning the green caviar seaweeds can be grown for longer.


-Uses very heavy labor, as it requires intensive cleaning and care, leading to high costs.

-The bamboo needs to be replaced every time the green caviar seaweeds are being replaced, as the weight will eventually bend them.

-If water is being pumped in-out, the green caviar seaweeds will not receive consistent light, different from the grids which Boonthida Farm uses… (read more about our modest).