Origins of our Recipes

On the 22nd of October, 2018, chefs from 4 and 5-star hotels collaborated with each other to invent new and exciting dishes using sea grapes. Boonthida Farm worked together with the Western Chef’s Association in order to hold a new competition titled “Innovations with Sea Grapes”, with chefs all over Pattaya and the surrounding area. 20 teams participated in the competition, with the only rule being to create an appetizer and main course dish using our bottled sea grapes. This was an opportunity for these chefs to display their skills and ingenuity.

Judges tasted the recipes scrutinously, and only the best recipes were selected by our farm to supply to menus in restaurants around the country.


Recommended Recipes

Jeed Jard Shrimp

Green Caviar Dumplings

Green Caviar Salmon Rolls

La Tiang Green Caviar Seaweed

Green Caviar Seaweed casserole

Salmon with Green Caviar Seaweed